Toddler - Toilet training - myths Toddler - Toilet training - myths

Toilet training myths

Toilet training myth #1:

Many parents hear strong opinions from well-meaning friends and family about the right age for toilet training.

Fact: All kids are different. Just like learning to walk and talk, all kids toilet train at different ages. In fact, there is no right age to begin, just a right time in your child’s development when they are ready to toilet train.

Physical and mental development, as well as psychological temperament, varies from child to child, and all of these play a role in starting toilet training and its success.

Toilet training myth #2:

As well as starting toilet training at a specific age, all children should be fully toilet trained by a specific age.

Fact: Again, all kids are different. Toilet training takes an average of 8 months, but some children take a lot longer, whilst others can do it very quickly.

Girls usually complete training at a younger age than boys, because girls generally start training earlier. The actual time spent training doesn’t usually vary between boys and girls, and most boys and girls are fully toilet trained by 3 and a half years old.

Toilet training myth #3:

Some people can advise you to enforce strict discipline if your child is not cooperating, learning or has made a mess.

Fact: Spanking or scolding can start a power struggle that may lead to toilet training problems. By staying positive, you’ll make the process smoother, simpler and more rewarding.

Toilet training myth #4:

Little ‘accidents’ mean you are teaching your child poorly or they are slow learners.

Fact: Toilet training accidents are often triggered by important events in a toddler’s life, such as the start of preschool, the arrival of a new baby or moving to a new home.

This kind of stress is mostly temporary, so any ground that is lost should be quickly recovered once things return to normal. If not, talk with your paediatrician. Don’t be discouraged if your child takes a few detours along the toilet training path, this is normal and part of the learning process.

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