Toddler sitting on a toilet Toddler sitting on a toilet

Easy toilet training

Keep a positive attitude and patience

Your toddler can no doubt be challenging at times with the onset of temper tantrums and other toddler behaviour. These behaviours can test the patience of the most tolerant parent – toilet training will be no exception.

Perhaps more than ever, your patience and positive attitude will be required to help your toddler develop the necessary skills to achieve this developmental milestone and become a big boy or girl.

The 4 musts of easy toilet training

1. Be patient

There will be accidents! But mistakes are what we learn from.

There may be times when you and your child get stuck. Don’t get discouraged. Back up a stage or two. Be confident that things will improve with patience.

2. Be positive

Say “You’ll do better next time” or “Don’t worry about the accident; we’ll get it right soon”. Keep building confidence.

3. Be consistent

Mixed signals lead to confusion. Once you move from nappies to training pants, don’t go back to nappies.

4. Let your child set the pace

Trust your child. A toddler really does want to grow up. Don’t try to force them to learn too fast. Support them with the encouragement and positive feedback they need.


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