Toddler sitting on a toilet

Bowel motions

While withholding bowel movements (BMs) is a fairly common toilet training problem, it’s not usually an overt behavioural problem. And, the good news is it’s easily overcome! But the term can be misleading as it would imply that a child is always doing it on purpose.

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Toddler at a childcare centre

Dealing with childcare

Childcare and toilet training can either cause some parents to worry or it can be seen as a blessing to have someone else help with the potty training.

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Toddler sitting on the toilet with a toy car

Different Toilet Training Products

Key products generally needed for toilet training include deciding between a potty or toilet training seat, training pants and clothes.

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Toddler sitting on a toilet

Easy toilet training

Your toddler can no doubt be challenging at times with the onset of temper tantrums and other toddler behaviour. These behaviours can test the patience of the most tolerant parent – toilet training will be no exception.

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Toddler on a potty showing her doll how to use the potty

How To Potty Train

The information here explains what you need to think about when you begin introducing your child to using the toilet. Here are some things you should think about when beginning to toilet train your child.

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Toddlers sleeping in their parents' bed

Night Time Toilet Training

When Tracy worked on potty training with her twin daughters, she discovered that training for night-time was going to be as much of a challenge as daytime training – and that each daughter was going to do things her own way.

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Toddler pushing a push cart in a store

Out and about

For a toddler and parent, who are in the middle of toilet training, a trip out of the home can present a few challenges. Instead of throwing away the cumbersome nappy bag, you’ll find yourself (once again) carrying around more equipment and clothing than you thought possible.

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Mom hugging her toddler in the bathroom

Preparing your baby for toilet training

Potty training is especially difficult if the child does not know what toilet training is. There are many reasons why moms and dads might want to toilet train at a young age including financial or hygienic, but be warned. Training when your baby is ready and is showing signs of readiness will make your toilet training journey shorter and easier.

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Toddler sitting on a potty

Prodiding consistency

Just like with naptime, bedtime and other toddler routines, you’ll want to achieve consistency and establish a toilet training routine. It sets clear boundaries and guidelines for your toddler to follow, and will help make things a little easier for them.

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Toddler - Toilet training - urge to wee

Recognising the urge to wee

Toilet training often starts as a result of parents recognising their toddlers’ signs of either going to the toilet or needing to go. This recognition from parents usually comes long before it does for the child.

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Toddler - Toilet training - independence

Teaching independence

Toilet training your child consists of more than just teaching your child how to use the toilet or potty. There is a whole list of ‘potty’ rules that your child also needs to learn. Part of toilet training your child includes helping them become more independent by learning how to wipe themselves, wash their own hands and flush the toilet.

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Toddler - Toilet training - parent - tips

Tips from parents

“Put the potty facing the toilet and encourage them to go when you do. If something happens, have a massive happy celebration and tell everyone!”

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Toddler - Toilet training - clothes

Toilet training clothes

For children that are in nappies full-time, those outfits are just fine, but when a child begins toilet training, it is time to put them in the back of the closet or pass them on to friends or the local charity shop. When it comes to toilet training, clothes that are simple and easy to put on and take off, outrank cute and adorable.

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Toddler - Toilet training - training games

Toilet training games

Get your toddler to point out which picture shows wet and which picture shows dry. Use this toilet training tool to start off a game of wet and dry around the house. Simply walk around and ask your toddler to point out things in the house that are wet and dry.

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Toddler - Toilet training - myths

Toilet training myths

Many parents hear strong opinions from well-meaning friends and family about the right age for toilet training.

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Toddler - Toilet training - pants

Toilet training pants

Making the transition from nappies to underwear is all a part of the toilet training process. Nappies are really just a portable toilet, so toilet training pants are an important part of their transition to underwear.

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Toddler - Toilet training - potty

Toilet training potty

Firstly, decide if the potty or toilet seat is right for your child. Then, finding the right potty for your child is an important factor in them actually sitting on and using the potty. Don’t forget the other toilet training products available.

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Toddler - Toilet training - problems

Toilet Training Problems

As parents, we all know that toilet training a small child is never a perfect process. One of the best ways to overcome setbacks is to be able to identify the problem, read about what to expect, and how to best manage the problem.

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Toddler - Toilet training - questions

Toilet training questions

Many parents have questions about how, when and what to do while toilet training their children. We asked an expert to help answer some questions; maybe you’ll find the answer you need right here.

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Toddler - Toilet training - regression

Toilet training regression

It’s one of the most frustrating aspects of toilet training: Your toddler has been in underwear for weeks when suddenly they start having accidents. Your excitement at having successfully completed toilet training gives way to dismay after you face some common toilet training problems.

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Toddler sitting on a toilet training seat and playing with toilet paper

Toilet training seat

Some parents may decide to skip the potty and instead have their child move straight to the toilet when they think their toddler is ready. While this may make cleaning up easier, it can also increase the time it takes for your child to get toilet trained. Using a potty or toilet seat are key toilet training products and a part of the toilet training process.

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Toddler - Toilet training - tips

Toilet Training Tips

Huggies has formulated an extensive list of toilet training tips to help you get started, as well as to revisit the basics to get you through the difficult times and get your toddler’s progress back on track.

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Toddler - Toilet training - tools

Toilet Training Tools To Help

Trying to get your child interested in toilet training? Toilet training tools may be the answer. Toilet training tools have their place and some are more effective than others.

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Toddler - Toilet training - age

Toilet training your toddler

So you have a feeling that your child is ready to start toilet training. They may be using the words wee or poo, and can recognise the urge to go, and the difference between wet and dry.

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Toddler - Toilet training - trained

We Are Toilet Trained!

No matter what you’ve read, there certainly isn’t a fast track to underwear! Your child sets the pace. And with patience, encouragement and your helpful coaching, toilet training will all fall into place for you and your toddler.

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toddler - development - toilet training

Whats the Right Toilet Training Age

Baby bathing can be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing times of the day that you can spend with your baby. When your baby is first born it is easier to use a special baby bath or simply the laundry sink. You can even take baby into the shower or bath with you. Older babies and toddlers love water play and bath time is a great way to have special playtime at the end of the day.

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Toddler - Toilet training - age

When to start toilet training

Knowing the right time for your child to start toilet training is one thing, but finding the time to train them is a whole new ball game.

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