Huggies® Gold

With Huggies® Intelligent Fit™ - Designed to reduce sagging

Huggies® Gold nappies are anatomically shaped to fit comfortably and feature the much-loved stretchy waistband and fasteners that allow you to secure the nappy snug and comfy on your baby. Huggies® Gold also includes 3 Active Channels that absorb wetness and distribute it evenly, reducing sagging and decreasing the bulkiness leading to more comfort for baby.


product features

Nappy , Active Channels

Active channels that absorb wetness & distribute it evenly
Nappy , No Saggings

Reduced sagging even when getting full
Nappy, stretchy waistband

Stretchy waistband & fasteners for a comfy fit
Nappy , Anatomical , better fit

Anatomical shape for a better fit
Nappy , Disney , Characters

With Disney's Mickey & Minnie characters