Huggies® Gold Pants

Welcome to cloud 9 nine, baby! 

Hey baby, we’ve got the best nappy to keep a wiggly, moving baby like you, comfy. Our Huggies® Gold Pants now come with a new Cloud soft waistband, specially designed to be gentle on your soft skin and to minimise discomfort around the waist area. Plus, they’re easy to put on and take off, making nappy changing quick easy for both you and mom. The Huggies® Gold Pants range is available from size 3, so what are you waiting for? Try them today, baby.

- Triple comfort skincare. soft. gentle-fit. dry
- Cloud soft waistband for gentle tummy fit
- Keeps baby dry up to 12 hours both day & night
- Breathable soft materials help prevent diaper rash
- Dermatologically tested, fragrance free
- 3 absorbent channels for less sagging & maximum comfort
- Double leakguards for extra protection
- With Disney's Mickey & Minnie characters


product features

Nappy Pants , Active Channels

Active channels that absorb wetness & distribute it evenly
Nappy Pants , No Saggings

Reduced sagging even when getting full
Nappy pants , stretchy waistband

Underwear-like fit breathable, stretchy waistband
Nappypants , dry , 12 hours

Keeps baby dry for up to 12 hours both day & night
Nappy Pants , Disney , Characters

With Disney's Mickey & Minnie characters
Nappy Pants , Disney , Characters

Cloud soft waistband
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