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Toilet training pants

Why training pants?

Making the transition from nappies to underwear is all a part of the toilet training process. Nappies are really just a portable toilet, so toilet training pants are an important part of their transition to underwear.

They are generally less absorbent than nappies and help the child feel some form of wetness and, of course, help avoid the consequences of accidents, especially when you are out and about.

This is a big deal for your toddler, so make a big deal out of it.

Huggies Slip-On® training pants are one of a number of toilet training products designed specifically to help with this phase of your child’s development.

Moving from using nappies to training pants can help your child grasp:

  • pulling their underpants up and down

  • keeping themself dry by going to the toilet when they need to

  • getting underwear from their dresser drawers

  • that training pants and undies are different to nappies

If they happen to have an accident, Slip-On® will absorb the mess that undies can’t!

Becoming a big boy or big girl

Let them know that by wearing Slip-On® they are becoming a big kid and they will love the responsibility of taking care of themselves. The designs reinforce the look of being undies and keeping them in the drawer, as you would proper undies, is a part of this transition process.

Treat Slip-On® just like undies

Treat the Slip-On® as you would normal undies, except for the fact that you dispose of them as opposed to wash them. Take it a step further and store Huggies Slip-On® in their drawers or cupboard.

Have your child pick them out of the drawer and put them on just like undies. When they show good progress in how they use their Slip-On®, start to put underwear in as well, and let them start to choose what they want to wear.

Try the Huggies Slip-On® and see the following for yourself:

  • great designs which make them look like undies

  • how your child reacts to them

  • how they look and feel and how they will manage those little accidents

  • try one out on your toddler, even if just for a couple of hours

  • wetness liner

Find out more about toilet training support products including potties and toilet training seats here. Or start reading up about the various toilet training tools available.


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