Toddler sitting on a potty Toddler sitting on a potty

Prodiding consistency

Consistency is the key

Just like with naptime, bedtime and other toddler routines, you’ll want to achieve consistency and establish a toilet training routine. It sets clear boundaries and guidelines for your toddler to follow, and will help make things a little easier for them. 

If you start out saying that it’s okay to wee in the pot plants then you will need to break this habit further down the track. Think about how you would like to approach toilet training your toddler well in advance, so you have an action plan ready whenever your toddler shows signs of readiness.

Communicate with carers

Make sure that everyone that cares for your child is aware of the consistency of your approach to your toddler’s toilet training, and that they are willing to join in.

Don’t forget to let them know which rewards and tools you are using, so they can do the same. If your toddler is toilet training while in day care or crèche, it’s probably worth discussing your toilet training consistency strategy with them prior to making a start, so you can be sure that you can both deliver the same routine.

Once you have made the transition from nappies to training pants, it’s important to maintain consistency and not return to nappies during the day otherwise this can be very confusing for your toddler.

Establishing a toilet training routine will help to reinforce each behaviour, until your toddler becomes a Big Kid and can do most of the steps by themselves. 

Consistency while out and about

Taking your toilet training routine out and about with you can present a few challenges. Try to maintain as much consistency as you can with your home routine, but be willing to make some concessions. We have plenty of tips from parents for you to use when you are out and about.

There will be toilet training setbacks

Even though you’re doing your best to achieve consistency, the toilet training progress can still be inconsistent.

Don’t despair! There will be good days and not-so-good days. Remain calm and positive. There is nothing to be gained by losing your temper.

Even after your child is trained, significant events like the birth of a sibling, moving or holidays can cause setbacks. Regression is normal. Just take them in your stride and maintain consistency with a positive approach. It may not happen overnight but it will happen!


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