Toddler pushing a push cart in a store Toddler pushing a push cart in a store

Out and about

On the Go?

For a toddler and parent, who are in the middle of toilet training, a trip out of the home can present a few challenges. Instead of throwing away the cumbersome nappy bag, you’ll find yourself (once again) carrying around more equipment and clothing than you thought possible.

Most parents would like to avoid going out when their toddler is toilet training although the likelihood of that occurring is really pretty slim. For this reason it’s important to know a few things about how to potty train when you’re on the go.

There is a glimmer of a possibility when you only have one child. However, if you have 2 or more little ones, then the chances are that you will have to go out and about with your toddler with their training wheels on.

Tips for getting out and about

  • Try to plan your trips out for when your toddler has just gone to the toilet. This will limit the need to rush to the toilet when you have got a shopping trolley half full of the weekly groceries.

  • Using "Pull-Ups® Training Pants all the time allows your toddler to feel comfortable with their toilet training programme whether you are at home or on the go.

  • Find out the location of the nearest toilets where ever you are going. Take a quick tour of them, so that your toddler can be comfortable if you need to rush there in a hurry.

  • Do take a change of clothes with you, just in case.

  • Some parents carry a potty in the car so that it can be pulled out whenever necessary. This is especially useful if you are travelling long distances.

  • There are portable toddler toilet seats available and these may be a useful tool when you are on the go.

  • If you are on the home stretch of toilet training and no longer wearing toilet training pants, change mats can be a handy liner for a car seat in case of any minor accidents.


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