Toddler - Toilet training - age Toddler - Toilet training - age

When to start toilet training

Try to create time

Knowing the right time for your child to start toilet training is one thing, but finding the time to train them is a whole new ball game.

There’s no point in buying the necessary tools and preparing your baby for toilet training if you can’t find the time to teach it. Make sure that you can create time to be able to guide your little one to toilet training success.

Whether that means using up some holidays or leave from work, or spending more time around the home and your child than you’re used to, it will give you more time to learn about things like common toilet training myths and other handy information.

In some cases, you may have another baby on the way, so finding even more time to take care of the new arrival can further put a spanner in the works of your toilet training. It’s all about juggling your commitments to make sure that you’re around when it’s time for your child to go.

Think About A Babysitter

If you simply can’t afford time off work or you find yourself as busy as a bee, perhaps looking for a babysitter or carer is another option.

Children may not be so comfortable around others when going to the toilet, but if you make sure your carers go about toilet training the way that you do when you have the chance to be home, then they should be fine.

The best way to do this is to talk your children’s babysitter or guardian through everything they need to know about what to do when it’s “potty time”. This keeps everything consistent for your child as well.


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