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Baby expenses

First of all, I think credit card meltdown permeates the extended family. Beyond the major pregnancy expenses of cots, prams, home renovation, toys and car seats – plenty of money gets spent on maternity tops, breast pumps, car parking at hospitals, Winnie the Pooh material and things I never thought of before.

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Parenting - Fatherhood - dad

Becoming a dad

“We are having a baby!” These five simple, little words can raise the blood pressure of almost any living, breathing male on the planet. In fact these innocent words ignite an even bigger reaction than “we need to talk”. No matter how the news is broken, this is just the beginning.

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Bonding with kids

I’ve always been a defender of my gender. Looking back throughout the pregnancy however, I think we are a few nappies short of the 78-pack. I think that, despite every sign, I didn’t really understand that a baby was coming. I think the proof is in the phrases:

Men: “when the baby gets here…”

Women: “the baby IS ALREADY here, it’s just on the inside."

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Surprise pregnancy

I always thought it would be like “Family Ties”; people jumping up and down in slow-mo with theme music in the background.

We were sitting in our great one-bedroom apartment, on the third floor with no car park and no elevator, each of those things of no consequence to me at the time. The world seemed happy and under control. Theme music stuff!

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Breast health

As a mom we all seem to place ourselves a fair way down the ladder when it comes to looking after our own health. We all seem to worry about everyone and everything before taking any time to care for our own health and well-being. However, your health is something that you cannot afford to neglect

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Parenting - Motherhood - Mom guilt

Mother guilt

I was in the middle of sanding and painting our new house when I discovered the two blue lines. That is, I was inhaling the particles of old, possibly toxic paint, and then filling my lungs with fumes from oil-based paint. I’d had a glass of wine the night before and I am sure I had eaten soft cheese in the last month. And so it began - my journey with ‘Mother Guilt’.

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The journey into motherhood can be one of the most exciting and daunting life transitions a woman will ever experience, especially for those expecting a baby for the first time. This pregnancy period will be a good time to learn about this new role that will bring the many challenges and adventures of motherhood and family life.

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Quick tips on how to keep looking good

Professional eyebrow-shaping is like receiving a mini eye lift.

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