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Scoopining the foot

This routine continues the leg and foot massage begun in the foot push of Huggies baby massage and yoga. But if you wish, you can start with this routine instead.

Babies ‘learn through their feet’ about nature, from the squish of mud between the toes, to the warmth of sand on the soles of their feet.

So let your little ones go about without shoes whenever possible. Help them discover the pleasure of new and delightful sensations with these lovely massage strokes. 

Scooping the foot, thumb walk & aeroplane runway massage step by step

  • Sit cross-legged on your rug or mat with your baby lying on their back in front of you.

If you haven’t already done so during this session:

  • Ask your baby’s permission to do the massage.

  • If baby appears happy, chant “Om” 3 times while you gaze into their eyes.

Scooping the foot

Start with baby’s left foot and then repeat the routine on baby’s right foot:

  • Using a steady pressure and the side of your index finger, scoop at the base of your baby’s toes.

  • Scoop at the arch, where the heel begins, under the foot.

  • Repeat this 5 times.

Thumb walk

  • Walk your thumbs up the sole of your baby’s foot, including the area under the toes.

Aeroplane runway

  • Now with the palm of your hand, push and stroke over the sole of the foot and off. Make a whooshing sound as the aeroplane takes off.

  • Now repeat the moves in the same order to the other foot, starting with scooping the foot with your index finger, followed by the thumb walk and then the Aeroplane runway.


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