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Scalp circles

These gentle strokes focus on your baby’s head and face. They’re a really effective way to settle and calm your baby before a nap or when they’re restless. Nose stroking is especially good for sending little ones off to sleep. 

Practice these strokes at any time your baby needs a soothing and loving touch.

You can even use oil for scalp circles. Not only does oil make skin-to-skin massages easier, but it can also help treat Cradle Cap.

Cradle Cap looks a little bit like dandruff, but don’t worry - many young babies experience this condition. If you’d like to remove it, leave the oil in baby’s hair overnight and gently brush the flakes from baby’s hair using a soft baby brush the next morning.

Scalp circles, forehead stroking & bridge of nose massage: a step-by-step tutorial.

  • Sit loosely cross-legged on your yoga mat with your baby lying in front of you.

  • Begin by asking baby’s permission to start. Then chant “Om” 3 times.

Scalp circles:

  • Begin by gently cradling baby’s head in your hands.

  • Use the pads of your fingers to gently make small circles all over your baby’s scalp, being especially careful of the soft cranial areas known as fontanelles.

  • Keep circling, watching for baby’s cues. Stop if they indicate they’re not enjoying the sensation.

Forehead stroking:

  • Place your thumbs together in the centre of your baby’s forehead and gently stroke outwards towards baby’s temples.

Bridge of the nose:

  • Start at the bridge of your baby’s nose and stroke down towards the cheekbones, then across to the temples.

  • Finish by lovingly resting your hands on your baby.


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