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Open hand

This is the last routine for arms and hands in Huggies baby massage and yoga programme. 

While you practice these baby massage strokes, tell baby what you’re doing, explain the different actions you’re using and name the body parts you’re stroking. 

Your baby might not be able to talk back to you but they will love hearing your voice while receiving your soothing touch. Also, babies learn the patterns and sounds of language by listening to others talking. 

Open-hand, Circling, Swedish Milking & Rolling massages:

  • Sit loosely cross-legged on your yoga mat or rug, with baby lying on their back in front of you.

  • Start on baby’s left side and then repeat all the strokes to baby’s right side.

  • With hand and arm strokes it’s best to position your baby side-on to you so you can easily access each arm and hand.


  • Drop some oil into your hand and rub your palms together.

  • Using your thumbs, gently stroke the palm of baby’s hand outward to the tips of the fingers.

  • If their hand doesn’t want to open, a feather stroke to the back of the hand or a gentle kiss may help.

    • Baby’s hands are curled because of the primate reflex, which usually disappears by 6 months old.

  • Roll each finger and gently squeeze each finger in turn. You might like to recite “This Little Piggy” as you do this.

  • Now stroke along the back of baby’s hand towards the wrist.

  • Use the pads of your fingers to gently rotate around your baby’s wrist.

Swedish Milking:

  • Create a C-shape with your hands and make sweeping movements from the wrist up to the shoulder.


  • Support baby’s arm between your hands and make a small rocking motion to calm and soothe your baby, encouraging him or her to let go and relax.

Now for the right arm and hand.

  • Turn baby around so their right arm is nearest you.

  • Repeat the 4 massage strokes to the right arm and hand, in the same order, starting with Open-hand, followed by Circling, Swedish Milking and Rolling.

  • To finish, pick up your baby for a cuddle and a kiss.


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