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Homemade Christmas decorations

There is absolutely no doubt that one of the most enjoyable (and messy) parts of the Christmas season is making decorations with your little one. While you might not create something with a lifetime guarantee, you are certainly creating memories that will be there forever. 

Remember when it comes to any kind of decoration-making, plan it around your little one’s routine. Don’t attempt anything close to naptime or bed time. Chances are the glue may end up in the wrong place and your little one may not be the only one having a melt down! 

Check you’ve got all the supplies you need before embarking on your Christmas decoration frenzy. There are few things more upsetting than a sad face if you have to halt the activity because you are missing an essential piece of equipment. 

Make sure you’ve covered the space you want to work in with lots of newspaper in order to avoid unnecessary clean ups. Pop your little one into a smock and if needs be, make sure that their hair is tied back. This will ensure your little one finishes the activity without needing a hose-down! 

As with any craft or decoration activities that you want to try with your little one, patience is key. Sometimes they’ll get stuck in and be occupied for hours helping you make something together. Other times they may wander off midway through, leaving you with a half-finished piece of work and lots of mess to clean up. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the fun! 

If your little one is less than 12 months old, then they are probably not going to be able to participate in making decorations at this stage. You can save that for the following Christmas. Remember to keep the festive season one that you can enjoy and work with your little one’s needs accordingly. 

Paper Chain

The paper chain is possibly the simplest and most trusty form of Christmas decoration ever invented. It’s a golden opportunity to use the junk mail catalogues with all their Christmas colours and products in a practical, yet decorative way. Obviously you’ll probably need to keep your little one away from the cutting part, unless you’ve got a childproof scissors they can use. However, the gluing and putting together can be completely up to them and can keep them happily occupied for ages! 


  • Paper from magazines/ junk mail or if you have it – multi-coloured paper

  • Child-safe glue (Pritt is a trusty one)

  • Safety scissors (those with blunt edges) 


  1. Cut the paper into even long strips.

  2. Show your little one how to glue the strips together at one end creating a circle.

  3. Then loop another strip through the circle and glue the ends together.

  4. Repeat until all strips have been used.

  5. Tie paper chain across the room or over the tree as a Christmas decoration. 

Christmas angel:


  • A small but thick magazine

  • A polystyrene or ping-pong ball

  • A “goldilocks” scrub pad

  • Silver spray

  • Glue 


  1. Fold each page down from the top corner down to the spine and then again till it is an even slope all the way down. Then fold the extra bits on the bottom back up and glue to make a flat base.

  2. Fold the covers up from the bottom corners in the same way to make the wings and glue.

  3. Spray the whole thing thoroughly with silver paint.

  4. When dry, stick the ball on the top point.

  5. Glue the “goldilocks” pad on as hair.

  6. You can also draw a little face on – or let your little one give it a go.


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