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Babys first Christmas

It’s a very special time of year. Whether your new baby is in your arms or due shortly after, there is no doubt that your life has changed, or is about to change forever. For new mothers or mothers to be it can be a challenge to celebrate this time in a meaningful way. Babies are too little to understand what Christmas is about or have specific requests, so how do you create special memories for you and your baby at Christmas time? 

For moms to be at Christmas:

  • Try to plan your time carefully so you don’t become overtired or stressed out. Your body is under big strain now and you need to be gentle with yourself.

  • Make sure you take photos of your beautiful bump with you holding up a little sign with the date on it on Christmas Day. That way when your baby is older you can show your little one how they were included during that time.

  • Write your baby a letter telling them your feelings about meeting them soon. Even though it will be a while before they are able to read it with you, it will be a special memento in the years to come.

  • Buy or make a Christmas ornament that is special to you or your baby. You can do this using an ultrasound picture. That way you have a beautiful visual reminder of the exciting changes that are going to take place in your life soon after Christmas.

  • Create a new family tradition by baking a special Christmas dish. It could be anything from mince pies to a beautiful gingerbread house. Take photos of your creation and then get your baby to help you prepare it in the coming years. It can become a beautiful annual custom for you and your newly formed family to do together. 

Coping with Christmas as a new mom

  • Remember you and your baby come first. Try not to over-schedule yourself at this exciting time of year. The last thing you need is an overtired, distressed baby.

  • Buy or make a pretty Christmas ornament for your tree. Make sure it has your baby’s name and birth date on it. This can be the basis of a collection for your little one. It can become a special tradition with your child helping you to pick them out with you as they get older.

  • Buy or make a little outfit or accessory that fits in with the festive season. For instance, use some puff paint and decorate their shirt with a mini Christmas tree.

  • There are lots of Christmas-themed toys and accessories – ranging from teddy bears to blankets – for sale at this time of year. Choose one for them to use over the period and then save it in a special memory box for them.

  • When you are preparing for Christmas, try to document it with as many photos as you can. This can include the expression on your baby’s face when they see Christmas tree lights or meet Santa. You can then get this made into a photo book. These are inexpensive and beautiful mementos of the memories you created with your baby at their first Christmas.

  • With a little time and planning, a busy time of year can be a precious way to create a beautiful bank of memories for you and your baby to reflect on in the coming years.


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