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Christmas Ideas For Kids

One day you will be looking at the wall calendar and realise that summer has started and that you have less than a month left before it is Christmas. You suddenly realise it’s time to start making some preparations! 

Make sure that, what is meant to be a festive, joy-filled time isn’t stressful or upsetting. For parents there is often nothing more demanding than trying to organise shopping trips with their little ones in tow. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of things on sale in stores. So how do you make Christmas shopping for your little ones a happy and positive experience? 

Read our Christmas shopping for kids guide to find the right present for your child’s age group, and our baby’s first Christmas guide for tips on how to make their very first festive season even more special. 

If you want to introduce your child to Santa, we have a great guide on how to make it a memorable occasion. You can ensure Santa and your little one walk away feeling some of the magic of Christmas time. 

Christmas decorations needn’t be wildly expensive or overly ornate. In fact, decorating your Christmas tree with ornaments made by you and your little ones can be a wonderful way to spend time with your children. It also means you are helping them to create things they will feel a huge sense of pride in seeing displayed. 

With your help your child can make anything from candleholders, Christmas cards, Christmas card hangers, gift tags, photo stars and baubles. All of them are inexpensive to make and the instructions are easy to follow. 

You can also include your child in Christmas preparations by involving them in the cooking. You can prepare the Christmas pudding and even make a gingerbread house together! 

It’s important to ensure you keep your little ones safe at Christmas time. Make sure you “child proof” your Christmas to avoid any nasty accidents. You can get practical and helpful advice on everything from keeping your Christmas tree toddler safe through to which baubles to avoid putting on your tree. 

With a little planning and preparation you can ensure that Christmas Day itself is filled with happy memories and delighted children.


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