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Christmas party ideas

As the Christmas season rolls in, it’s always a great idea to organise a Christmas party with your mother’s group or local playgroup. While your baby is usually too small to appreciate the significance of the party, it is fun for the moms to gather together and have a break from Christmas shopping and preparations. 

Planning your Christmas party

  • Stick to your usual playgroup or mother’s meeting venue. This means that the Christmas party will be in a familiar setting for baby and you’ll also know exactly what equipment you have available to you.

  • Keep the party to the time that your normal playgroup is scheduled. That way you know it will be of a manageable time frame and that your little one’s nap schedule won’t be hugely disrupted.

  • The idea is to keep the catering for it as easy as possible. Just ask everyone to bring a plate of savoury snacks or sweet treats.

  • Organise a Secret Santa for the moms and set a budget of R50. At a time of year where your focus is so often on making sure the needs of everyone around you are met, it is a nice idea to be treated. It’s an easy thing to organise, and for many moms it may be a really meaningful gesture to receive a gift.

  • If you have time, set aside a quiet period to write a Christmas card to all the people in your group. This idea will be appreciated by those who receive them, and adds a festive touch to the Christmas party.

  • It’s a good idea to skip a Santa visit to your Christmas party. Your baby is too small to appreciate it and toddlers are usually still working through being scared of him.


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