Woman looking through garments in a wardrobe Woman looking through garments in a wardrobe

10 great ideas to quickly spice up your wardrobe

You don’t have to spend a great deal of money in order to spice up your wardrobe. Instead, it’s a great idea to spend some time going through and taking an inventory of what you do have. You will often come across clothes or accessories you’ve forgotten about, or things you know simply don’t have a place in your wardrobe anymore.

In order to spice up your wardrobe you need to have some time and space set aside so you can investigate what you do have and what needs updating or getting rid of.

Take an inventory

This is a good time to go through every item of clothing in your wardrobe and drawers and try it on. That way you can see what does and doesn’t fit you properly anymore. If it is an item you think you might possibly wear again then relocate it to another cupboard or drawer in the house. Pop a reminder in your planner to check it in 6 months time. If it doesn’t fit you then it is probably time to get rid of it.

Your inventory will often show items of clothing you’d forgotten about or that you know you’ll simply never wear again. Make some decisions about what you’ll keep, what you’ll pass onto friends, sell or throw out if they are simply unwearable.

Create workable space for your wardrobe

Before you sort through your clothes, spend some time assessing your wardrobe space. Work out the best way to use your space. It is sensible to place items that you use frequently within easy reach. Think about how you are going to re-order your clothes when you put them back in the wardrobe. This may be a good time to order some clear plastic containers to store clothes or shoes in.

Organise your clothes

When you are putting your clothes back into your wardrobe, organise them by season first. That way you will have the clothes that will get the most wear in the current season right in front of you. You might find it useful to store the other seasonal clothes in a suitcase and unpack them when the time comes.

Organise your current wardrobe in colour tones from light to dark and in height order. It will give you a fresh perspective on what’s available to you.

Do up a spread-sheet of your wardrobe

This is a valuable way to make a list of how many items of clothing you have, and the colours you have them in. It will often help you to identify if there are certain staple items that you are missing as well. So once you’ve done your de-clutter and re-organised your wardrobe, go through and make note of what you’ve got in your wardrobe including clothes and shoes.

You can also use the spread-sheet to mix and match wardrobe items as well and even plan out what you will wear for the week ahead. This is a great way to spice up your wardrobe choices and also take the guesswork out of what you plan to wear each day.

Clean your clothes

Make sure you check each item of clothing carefully before you put it back in the wardrobe. You can often spice them back up by laundering them and ironing them while they are still damp. It will ensure your clothes are looking fresh and ready to wear.

Organise your accessories

Challenge yourself to start using accessories on a regular basis. They are a great way to spice up your wardrobe with little to no outlay. Spend a morning going through your collection of things like scarves, handbags, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Get rid of what you won’t use again and then go through your wardrobe. Identify which accessories go well with what outfits and make notes about using them on your spread-sheet.

Pop in some colour

Don’t be afraid to use colour. It’s a great way to spice up your wardrobe. It might be in the form of a bright scarf or a neon bangle. Use these accessories to accentuate your neckline or earrings. They can also be a great confidence booster as well.

Play with texture

A great way to spice up your look is by mixing up textures. For instance, try wearing cord jeans with a soft cotton t-shirt or velvet with wool. It’s a different way to think about the ways you could cross match clothes in your wardrobe.

Play with lengths

If you prefer full-length skirts then think about going outside your comfort zone and try shorts or jeans instead. Alternatively, why not wear a dress if you are always in jeans? You might like to mix it up with lengths as well by layering a shorter top over long sleeved ones or layering some different length necklaces when you are accessorising.


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