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Water wheel

This routine is the first in lower body baby massage in the Huggies baby massage and yoga programme.

These strokes aid baby’s digestion, so it’s important that you only do them when baby is between feeds. Abdominal strokes ease constipation and colic symptoms, so practise them regularly to prevent or improve these conditions.

As always, watch for baby’s cues telling you that he or she is happy to be massaged. 

Water wheel, legs up, & belly button smile massage step by step

Before you start:

  • Ask your baby’s permission to massage.

  • If baby appears happy, begin by chanting “Om” 3 times while you gaze into their eyes.

Connecting movement

  • Rest both hands lightly on baby’s abdomen for a few moments, allowing the healing warmth from your hands to flow to your baby.

Water wheel

  • Make scooping movements from below baby’s ribcage to the top of the nappy, one hand moving after the other like a water wheel turning.

    • Use light pressure, just firm enough so your baby’s skin moves slightly in response to your touch.

Water wheel with legs up

  • To gain a greater depth to the water wheel stroke, continue scooping with one hand while your other hand holds baby’s feet up.

Belly button smile

  • With your thumbs together at the level of baby’s belly button, gently stroke outwards to the sides of the waist.

  • To finish, lightly place your hands over your baby’s abdomen and encourage him or her to let go of any tension.


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