Mom helping babies bath Mom helping babies bath

Baby Bathing

Baby bathing can be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing times of the day that you can spend with your baby. When your baby is first born it is easier to use a special baby bath or simply the laundry sink. You can even take baby into the shower or bath with you. Older babies and toddlers love water play and bath time is a great way to have special playtime at the end of the day. 

Establishing bath time as a time of fun and relaxation is important for both baby and parents. Bath time can signal the end of the day and is a great way to promote a restful night’s sleep. 

A relaxing bath leads to restful sleep

Babies and toddlers just love having your full attention and the sensory pleasure of being in a warm bath. For sleepy newborns it may be the only wakeful time of the day. Following bath time with a baby massage is a relaxing and nurturing way to teach your baby to unwind. A warm and relaxing bath is a well-known aid to promoting sleep. 

Bathing newborns and sponge baths

For newborns a bath is a great way to soothe and relax before sleep. Many newborns love the sensory feeling of being in a warm bath – others take a while to get used to bathing and may even startle if they feel cold after a warm bath. Take care to keep newborns warm in a towel and follow their bath with a gentle massage. Take a look at bathing new borns for tips on bathing young babies.

Bathing a newborn for the first time can seem a little daunting. A simple alternative is a sponge bath sometimes known as a “top and tail” bath. Bathing very young babies every few days is fine with a “top and tail” bath on the days in between. This can also help protect fragile baby skin from drying out.  

Bathing your growing baby – get ready for water fun 

Bathing an older baby is a lot of fun – but be prepared to get splashed! Add some bubbles and toys and watch your toddler’s playtime begin. It’s a great time for babies to learn about water – tipping, pouring, and floating toys and toys that sink! Take a look at bathing your growing baby for more advice and suggestions on bathing your bigger baby. 

Bathing your toddler – teaching them to wash themselves

With growing independence and mobility, most toddlers love taking charge of their bath. At times it might be a challenge to get them into the bath, but once there it can be a challenge to get them out! You can start to teach your toddler to wash themselves and they love playing with their bath toys. For more information and advice take a look at Bathing your toddler. 

Baby bathing safety

Having everything ready and at hand is the key to a successful and safe bath time. Take care with hot water and never leave any child unattended in the bath. Take a look at our bathing tips to find out how you can get your bathroom ready and safe for bathing little ones. 

Showering baby – save time and water

Why not try taking baby into the shower with you? It can save time and water and be a really close and nurturing time for baby. Take a look at our baby showering tips for some great ideas on taking your baby into the shower with you.


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