Smiling baby in a bath chair Smiling baby in a bath chair

Baby bathing tips

Here are a few bath time tips to keep in mind no matter how old your child is:

  • Never leave a child unattended in the bath.

  • Don’t plan a bath for when your baby is overtired.

  • Bath water should be approximately 37-39°C. Just the same or a bit warmer than body temperature.

  • Avoid a draughty location and, if possible, heat the room to a comfortable temperature.

  • Prepare everything you’ll need in advance and place it within arm’s reach.

  • Prepare an area to place your baby on as they come out of the bath, and have the towel out and ready to lie on.

  • When washing, start with the cleanest and most delicate areas first and work through to the dirtiest.

  • Never place or push anything inside your baby’s ear to clean them. A gentle wipe on the exterior of the ear is all that is necessary.

  • Girls - always wash a girl’s genitals from front to back.
    Boys - do not attempt to pull the foreskin back to clean underneath it. This will occur naturally over the first few years. If your son has been recently circumcised, avoid tub bathing until the wound has healed.

  • Bath time naturally leads to massage time afterwards. Have everything ready for your massages, like your baby lotion and disposable change mats, so that baby does not become cold.


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