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Toddler massage


The wonderful thing about baby massage is that the strokes can be adapted as your child grows.

If your toddler has been receiving massage regularly for some time, they may be happy to just lie down and continue to remain still and focused; as they always have; OR they may be wanting more input and control over what happens.

Either way is absolutely fine. Stay with the principles of mutual respect, honour and love, adapting to the circumstances as they arise.

Your toddler is probably potty training by now and may be managing their own underwear.

If this is important to them, let them choose whether clothes are on or off when massaging.

They will also be developing a vocabulary and interested to try words out or have a conversation or sing whilst receiving massage.

Your toddler may want to try massaging you!!

Toddlers are often very busy little people. They sometimes get frustrated too. This can be because their curiosity is so strong and there’s so much they want to do but can’t always do to the way they want. Massage is a great opportunity to take time out, let go of pent-up feelings and be reminded that everything doesn’t have to happen yesterday. It also supports brain/body co-ordination and assists with self-regulation of moods – both helpful for your toddler’s journey.

Massage is something for you both to enjoy. A time to say an unhurried ‘hello, how are you today?’ and be reminded of how much you care about each other. 


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