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Smiling face

This session is a continuation of the previous face massaging session. If you’d like, you can simply start here.

These 3 strokes help you to bond even more with your baby. Jaw circles can also release any tension from crying and even aid with teething. Ear curls are a big hit with many babies and are known to turn cranky grunts into coos of delight.

Don’t forget to talk softly to your baby throughout this routine, explaining what you’re doing and encouraging them to let go and relax. 

Smiling face, jaw circles, rolling ears & stroking massage: a step-by-step tutorial

  • Sit loosely cross-legged on your yoga mat with your baby lying in front of you.

  • Begin by asking your baby’s permission to start. Then chant “Om” 3 times.

Smiling face:

  • Place your thumbs above your baby’s top lip and stroke towards the jaw. You must ensure that the pressure is even, otherwise your baby might think that a feed is about to be offered.

  • Repeat this movement, but from the centre of the chin, and stroke towards the jaw.

Circles around the jaw:

  • Now use the pads of your index fingers to circle around your baby’s jaw.

Rolling ears:

  • Lightly knead the lobes of your baby’s ears between your fingers and thumbs.

  • Slowly uncurl the tops of your baby’s ears.


  • Finish by stroking downward from the crown of your baby’s head, all the way to the tippy toes.

  • Repeat this several times.

  • To finish, hold your baby close to you and add in a few cuddles and kisses.


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