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Hug and glide and Indian milking massage

This routine continues our guide to baby massage.

You don’t have to follow the exact sequence in Huggies baby massage and yoga. Do what you are able to do, mix them around, make up some moves and strokes of your own, and trust your intuition.

Watch for baby’s cues telling you they’re happy with what’s going on. It’s likely they will love some actions but not others. Above all, have fun doing these massages and exercises with your baby.

Hug and glide & Indian milking massage step by step

  • As always, ask your baby’s permission to do the massage. Then chant “Om” 3 times.

  • Sit on your mat or rug with your legs extended out to the sides and baby lying on his back in front of you.

  • Remember to talk and make encouraging noises and sounds. Your baby loves the sound of your voice and will find your chat reassuring and encouraging.

Indian milking

  • Place a couple of drops of oil in your hands and rub your palms together.

  • Start with your baby’s left leg.

  • Support baby’s ankle with one hand.

  • With the other hand, form the letter ‘C’ and wrap around baby’s leg.

  • Move in long sweeping strokes towards the foot.

  • When you reach the ankle, swap hands, and repeat the movement so that both the outer and the inner aspect of the leg are massaged.

Hug and glide

You may find you need to use more oil as you are gliding your hands across baby’s skin.

  • Moving in the same direction as Indian milking, but using both hands together, place one hand above the other on baby’s thigh.

  • Starting at the upper thigh and with your hands turning opposite to each other, wind your way from your baby’s thigh to the ankle. As you do so, move your elbows away from and then towards your baby’s body. Use a gentle but firm pressure.

Now repeat to the other leg, beginning with Indian milking followed by hug and glide.

  • To finish, gently hold your baby’s feet for a few moments.

  • Then hug and cuddle them.


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