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Growing baby massage

By the time your baby has reached 3 or 4 months of age, you are likely to notice longer periods of time awake during the day (and hopefully longer periods asleep at night!). Some of their newborn reflexes will be starting to subside and more voluntary activity starts taking over. 

Your baby will probably be more interactive both vocally and through physical expression and they may want to start rolling over when you are massaging.

If you have been giving your baby regular massage for a while they may be so attuned to it that they remain completely focused. However if this is not the case, go with them and adapt your routine around their needs to explore their developing curiosities and new physical abilities. 

For example, if your baby rolls on to their tummy, do back massage.

When they are ready to roll onto their back, do their front. If they want to sit, support them and try massaging their arms and hands. Remember to massage their cheeks and behind their ears as teething time is starting and this can help to relieve soreness and congestion. 

Between 6-12 months so much is happening! Your baby is likely to be wriggling, rolling, sitting, crawling and pulling up to sit or stand. If your baby wants to be active during massage try varying what you do by changing positions, introducing toys or making some strokes more vigorous and others very soft. Add rhymes or little made up stories (or songs!) to go with the strokes. Share in their exclamations of delight or humour.


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