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Worldwide swim school

World Wide Swim School  is one of the world’s first online swim schools. It is designed for parents and swimming instructors to use as an online learning tool to teach children of all ages to learn to swim. They have over 40 years of swimming teaching experience.

The World Wide Swim School offers lessons for babies that are four months old, all the way to children who are five years old. The online swimming lessons are unique in that they:

  • Integrate baby’s physical, social and emotional needs into the swimming lessons.

  • Pre-condition baby for submersion, by teaching them to respond (hold their breath) to verbal triggers.

  • Teach baby to swim without the assistance of floatation devices.

  • Encourage baby to be independent in and around water at the earliest possible age.

  • Teach baby safety skills  that may one day save their life.

World Wide Swim School has broken each stroke down into basic learning components, demonstrating how to progress beginner learners into efficient swimmers. There are other excellent reasons for getting your child into the World Wide Swim School early, as it will:

  • Teach children a respect for the water, making them less likely to wander into dangerous situations.

  • Improve children’s physical development, co-ordination, health, fitness and muscle tone.

  • Build children’s independence, confidence and social skills.

  • Teach children a love of the water – a gift for life.

  • Teach children water safety skills which may one day save their life.

Lessons range in price. Visit their Products page for more. Even though it may seem expensive, you can use the same swimming lesson repeatedly (32 times to be exact), just bear in mind that it is marked in American dollars so you have to make the appropriate adjustments. You also get a precise breakdown about what every lesson entails and there are free samples so you can try the programme before buying it.

World Wide Swim School is designed for:

  • Busy parents with home pools.

  • Rural or remote parents with limited access to quality instruction.

  • Swimming teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge.

  • Swim school operators wanting to educate staff.

For more information you can visit their website: World Wide Swim School

Swimming South Africa is the governing body of aquatics in South Africa and all swim schools in South Africa have to be accredited by them. For accredited swimming schools in your region click here: Map - Swim Schools in SA


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