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Swimming in the bath

Splish splash - Bath swimming

Swimming practice makes perfect fun bath-time exercises. While some children love splashing in the tub, swimming in a pool is a different story. Ease your child’s anxiety and fear of the water with three fun bath-time swimming lessons. Caution: As always, never leave your child unattended during bath time.

Blowing Bubbles

  • Get your child comfortable with putting her head underwater, by trying this in-the-tub technique before a plunge in the big pool. (Refrain from using bubble bath for this activity.)

  • Start by taking a big breath in (exaggerate the sound).

  • Make an O-shape with your mouth and make an “ooo” sound as you blow out.

  • Encourage your child to imitate you a few times.

  • When she is ready, have her practice with her mouth in the water and her nose above it. She might want to try using goggles too!

Fantastic Floating

Here’s a relaxing way to introduce your child to the back stroke.

  • Help her lay back with her body straight.

  • Support her body as she floats, using your entire hand at first, and then decreasing the amount of support over time.

  • Encourage her to gently flutter her feet, but not enough that she’ll get water all over the bathroom.

Forward Crawl

  • While your child is in a seated position, familiarise her with the crawl stroke by helping to bicycle her arms.

  • Dip her hands in the water as you paddle her arms.


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