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Prenancy information

One of the biggest cravings you’ll have as a pregnant woman is for early pregnancy information! Before you discovered you were pregnant, you probably didn’t realise how much you wanted to know about it. But as new feelings and emotions take over and powerful pregnancy hormones surge through your body, you’ll probably find you’ve a thousand and one questions about the physical transformations caused by pregnancy you’re undergoing.

On this website, we do our best to give you all the pregnancy information you need to satisfy your hunger for knowledge about this miraculous new chapter in your life. But if at any time you suspect something is not quite right, please see your doctor. Pregnancy Complications can happen so it helps to know the signs.

See your doctor for expert pregnancy information

For many women, their first concern is their health. This may be especially true if your pregnancy is a surprise – around half of all pregnancies aren’t planned – and maybe you felt you were slack with your own health around the time of conception. To put your mind at ease, your first port of call should be your doctor. As well as getting confirmation of your pregnancy via a blood test, your doctor will give you expert early pregnancy information and get your ante-natal care programme started.

Stage by stage pregnancy information

Mighty curious as to what’s going on inside you right now? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a window into your womb so you could watch your baby grow and develop? Ultrasounds provide pretty good insights into the mysteries of pregnancy so be sure to get yourself booked for your first one. The moment you catch sight of your little one for the first time will be a very special moment for you. In between scans, you’ll probably want to check out exactly what stage your baby is up to, so see our week-by-week pregnancy guide.

Sharing your pregnancy information

Tracking your baby’s progress is fascinating and helps both parents to start the bonding process. This may be particularly true for the father who of course doesn’t experience the same physical and hormonal changes as the mother, although dads can feel overwhelmed by emotions at this time. Make sure you share newfound pregnancy information with your partner so he feels included and involved. Keep in mind that baby-making and parenthood is a joint venture, and keeping dad in the information loop will also help lay any fears and worries he may be experiencing right now to rest.

It’s probably a good idea to also share your early pregnancy information with family members – not forgetting your partner’s parents and grandparents, especially if this is a first grandchild or great grandchild. Your baby’s grandparents may be even more excited than you are, but may have kept their longing for a grandchild in check so as not to put any pressure on you.

Too much pregnancy information!

You may find that your pregnancy causes a sudden avalanche of early pregnancy information from all kinds of people, from the postman through to older generations on both sides of the family.

You may not always welcome pregnancy information from others, especially if you’re told old wives tales, but usually it’s just other people’s way of being involved in the excitement of your pregnancy.

When not to share pregnancy information

In a perfect world, everyone would be thrilled to hear of a new pregnancy. But there’s a chance that not all of your family members, colleagues and friends will share your pregnancy joy. Sure, they’ll probably be pleased for you, but don’t expect a rapturous response to every morsel of information. Be prepared for this and try not to be too disappointed if others don’t respond as enthusiastically as you’d like when you share your pregnancy information with them. Many people just aren’t interested in babies, or if they are, they’re only interested in their own. So the best course of action here is to be selective with whom you share.

Also keep in mind that the workplace isn’t always the most ideal place to share pregnancy information. Colleagues may feel uncomfortable with insights into your personal life and do not wish to be on the receiving end of ‘too much information’ about what’s going on down there.


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