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Baby gender prediction

Gender prediction is usually a hot topic of conversation after you’ve shared that you are expecting. Whether it is well-meaning partners, friends or family, everyone wants to get in on the act of predicting your baby’s gender. The odds are evenly split at 50/50 but that doesn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of anyone playing the game! These days, the technology we have available to us means the guess work element can be taken away if we prefer, but for moms and dads who choose not to find out, the gender prediction activities are fun to do.

Old wives tales gender prediction

Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy every single aspect of what you say, do, eat or sleep will be open to scrutiny. It’s all part of the entertainment of working out whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

Pimply skin? You’re definitely having a girl! Craving fish? You’re definitely having a boy! Remember, that despite the multitude of gender prediction methods that people will use in order to guess your baby’s gender, they are just that. Predictions. We’ve looked at just about every conceivable old wives tale used for gender prediction and what they might be based on.

The way you are carrying your pregnant belly, through to how your hair looks are all ways to allegedly predict what gender your baby will be. And while there is little to no science behind the theories, they are a fabulous way to have a conversation with friends or to pass the final days of pregnancy when your bump balloons and you are eager to meet your little bundle of joy.

The wedding shower ring swing is a wonderful baby shower game and even the way you sleep can mean something about the gender of baby if you believe the tales. Remember that they are only tales. The only definitive way to discover baby’s gender is to wait till they’re born or to find out during ultrasound.

Chinese Birth Chart gender prediction

Historically, gender prediction has been a keen source of interest. In many countries boys were perceived as being more important than girls. It meant families and expectant mothers had a keen interest in the forecasts made for them about the gender of their baby. Predicting gender was almost viewed as a science, despite being based on little more than guesswork.

The Chinese Birth Chart appears to have undergone many modifications over the years. Essentially it is based on the mother’s age and the month baby was conceived. The Chinese Birth Chart will give you a detailed overview on how gender prediction is calculated according to the chart itself. Just remember, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right!

Heart rate gender prediction method

A popular method based on an old wives tale, this gender prediction method has been around for quite a while. The heart rate gender prediction section will tell you what to look for and what to be aware of when you’re listening to baby’s heart rate.

This method is based on measuring baby’s heart rate and being able to predict their gender as a result. It is centred on the notion that a girl’s heart rate in the womb is likely to be faster than a boy’s at above 140 beats per minute, while a boy is likely to have a lower heart rate beating below 140 bpm. 

Remember that no study has found any evidence that this method works. In fact one study that attempted to do so instead discovered baby heart rate increased according to their gestational age. As baby grows in the womb, the heart rate adjusts accordingly.

As any mom-to-be knows, nine months is a long time to wait to find out what gender your little one will be. The anticipation is always worth it because the arrival of baby will provide a definite answer. And once your baby is in your arms, their gender is irrelevant.

In the meantime, these gender prediction methods are a wonderful way to pass the time while you wait for baby to arrive. And the best bit is, you have a 50/50 chance of getting your guess correct!


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