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Fun ways to say you're pregnant

Fun ways to say you're pregnant.

Breaking the pregnancy news to your partner has to be one of the most exciting parts of becoming a new parent. Some mothers choose to keep the news secret for a while and really savour the knowledge that they alone know. Others are busting to tell their partner as soon as they find out. Breaking the news of your pregnancy can be as matter of fact or fun and light-hearted as you like.

When it comes to your families, whether you choose to tell them immediately or after you’ve passed the 1st trimester, is really a matter of personal choice. When you do break the news, you may choose to do this together as a couple or individually. But it’s nice for extended family to hear the news first-hand, especially grandparents-to-be. If you can, sit down with them and share your news, or alternately, make a phone call or write a personal letter. You can be as cryptic as you like if you’re writing to them. If your family knows you’ve been trying to conceive, your news may not come as a big surprise.

Sharing the news with your partner

  • Get one pink and one blue balloon filled with helium and tied with matching ribbon. Hand them to your partner or secure them to a chair.

  • Send your partner a card, signed from you and the baby.

  • Take a photo of the positive reaction on your pregnancy test. Email it or text it to your partner.

  • Make a heart-shaped cake and decorate it with pink and blue icing. Get some baby decorations from a cake icing shop and go all out.

  • If you have a pet dog, tie pink and blue ribbons around their neck. Let your partner work out what you’re trying to tell them.

  • Put a tiny pair of bootees under your partner’s pillow, or in the pocket of their PJ’s.

  • Buy a baby hairbrush and leave it casually on the dressing table.

  • Put a tiny baby singlet in their underwear drawer and don’t say a word. Wait for their reaction.

  • Put some tiny baby shoes inside your partner’s shoes.

  • Buy a baby car seat and install it in your car – wait until they notice.

  • If you have an older toddler you could ask them to tell your partner the news. Or get a t-shirt printed saying “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” on it.

Sharing the news with your friends and family

  • Address a letter to “Grandma” or “Grandpa”.

  • Gather your friends and family together for a party and arrange them for a group photo. Instead of asking them to say “cheese” instead, get them to say “we’re pregnant” and then catch their responses.

  • Take them out to dinner, get there early and place a teddy or a doll on each of their chairs. Wait to see their reactions when they finally ‘get it’.

  • Take a photo of your belly with your hands forming a heart shape and print off lots of copies. Send them to family and friends.

  • Send a Pregnancy announcememt card.


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