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Workplace hazards

Potential Workplace Hazards

Your normal work conditions, that perhaps may not have posed any health concerns before, could now be potentially hazardous to you and your unborn baby. You may need to take some preventative action to ensure your own, and your baby’s safety. If you answer “yes” to any of the following points you should speak to your employer about changing the nature or location of your work.

Your workplace hazard checklist

Does your job expose you to any of the following?

  • Toxic chemicals or gases

  • Radiation

  • Infectious diseases

  • Animals and their faeces

  • Extreme physical activity and heavy lifting

  • Toxic waste

  • Smoke from other people smoking cigarettes

  • Uncomfortable levels of stress or anxiety.

Your rights to workplace safety during pregnancy

If you are pregnant and suspect your workplace may be not be safe for you or your unborn baby, then you need to understand your rights under the law. The South African Code of good practice on pregnancy and afterbirth lays out very specific guidelines that protect pregnant and breastfeeding women in the workplace. In effect, it prohibits employers from requiring or permitting pregnant- or breast-feeding employees to perform work that is hazardous to the health of the employee or that of her child and, where necessary, requiring them to transfer you to a safe job for the duration of your risk period.

For more information about your rights to a safe working environment, visit the website.


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