Pregnant woman at a baby shower Pregnant woman at a baby shower

Pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy Announcement

Congratulations! Now that you’ve made it through the first trimester, it’s time to break the good news to your nearest and dearest! Whether this is your first or your third time, a surprise or part of your plan – sharing this kind of news is always special.

Watching your friends and family react is half the fun. The other half is deciding how you’re going to make the big announcement. Here are some ideas on how to make your pregnancy announcement memorable:

Telling your partner

Whether your pregnancy is a surprise or an expected part of your plan – telling your partner may be the most special moment. Chances are you have told your partner that you are pregnant but, if you haven’t, here are some fun ideas.

  • Tell your partner to hold out their hand and place a single pea or corn kernel on their palm. Say something like, “Want to hear something amazing? This is how small our baby is right now.”

  • Buy two onesies, one pink and a blue one. When your partner gets home, take them into the bedroom, pull them out and ask them, “What colour do you think we are going to need?”

  • If your partner has a sweet tooth, ice a cupcake or biscuit with the words, “I can’t wait to meet you”.

Telling your family

Your family may have known you your whole life and, chances are, they are going to be as excited for baby’s arrival as you and your partner are.

  • Get the family together for a photo and instead of ‘Say cheese’ ask the photographer to say, ‘Say ‘We’re pregnant!’ You will capture their reactions and have that memory for life.

  • When you visit your family to make your big announcement, walk into their home with your partner, each holding a balloon — one pink and one blue. Wait to see how long they take to realise the significance.

  • If you already have a child or children, wrap up a wrap up a nappy and a small toy, give them the present and see how long it takes them to realise what their gifts are for.

  • Send your family and friends a plant that they can nurture and grow, just like baby is growing.

  • Write a letter to each one of the family/friends from baby, telling them how excited they are to have them in their lives.

Telling the world

Telling the world can seem like a daunting task, but there are a bunch of fun ways you can get the job done.

  • Take a picture of your baby's cot with a little outfit and pair of baby socks inside and post it on Facebook or your preferred social media site with a caption.

  • If you have pets, take a picture of them with a sign around their neck that says ”big brother” or “big sister” and post it on social media or send it out via email.

  • Announce your big news with your social media profile. Change your profile picture to a photo of your positive pregnancy test and wait for the comments to fly in.

  • Write a poem or letter to your unborn child and post it on social media.


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