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Dressing For Your Shape

There is no avoiding the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy and afterwards. So it is important to make sure that what you are wearing is practical and comfortable for you throughout this exciting time. 

In the early stages of pregnancy the changes are often not immediately obvious. However, your waistline may expand quickly along with your bust size. If this is the case, a belly belt is an excellent investment and will be useful after pregnancy as well. 

In addition, it is important to buy a good quality bra to accommodate the changes to your breasts. You don’t necessarily need to invest in maternity wear in these early stages. Instead you can usually use the clothes you already have. 

Stretchy clothes are the most useful items in your wardrobe. Drawstring pants, cardigans and stretch t-shirts are all wardrobe staples that can be used throughout pregnancy. At a time when you don’t necessarily want to announce your pregnancy, but you want to disguise your bump, empire dresses and soft skimming tops are excellent. 

During the later stages of your pregnancy it is unusual for your regular clothes to fit you. Rather than spending a fortune on maternity clothes it is useful to borrow maternity clothes from friends, or buy some on e-bay. Most chain stores also have excellent lines of Maternity Wear and it is worth shopping around to find the pieces that are suitable and affordable for you. 

We suggest that you buy some key items that will see you through pregnancy, breast feeding and while you are regaining your pre-baby shape. Dressing on-trend and to suit your shape can be achieved with the right advice. Layering with different shapes, textures and colours is the key. However, one of the challenges faced by plus size women is finding good maternity wear. 

One excellent basic are fold-down pants, as their elasticated waistband will accommodate your expanding bump. They can also be worn after pregnancy to support and accommodate your changed shape. Recommended pieces include long tank tops or tank dresses for layering, which can be useful especially for plus size women and pregnant women who need the extra length.  

Layering garments like these are a great way to flatter and accentuate your bump. These pieces can also be used to draw attention away from it after you have given birth. These items can also be used while breastfeeding and until you are able to wear your regular clothes again. This may take several months, and it is important to ease back slowly into a health and fitness regime. Your needs and those of your baby take priority, not fitting back into your jeans. 

In the months after you have given birth, you will usually find that many of the clothes you wore early on in your pregnancy can be used again, including your drawstring trousers or empire waisted dresses. If you are breastfeeding, a nursing camisole is a must. This can be layered with items you already have in your wardrobe like your cardigans or shirts. It is worth investing in a dark coloured top as these absorb any leaks or spills far better than a light coloured fabric. 

If your budget is too tight for new outfits then there is an excellent way to lift your look - accessorise! Scarves, earrings or some eye-catching costume jewellery will help you to do this. 

When it comes to maternity wear it is always important to consider your comfort first, and then to ensure that your outfit is one you can use after you have had your baby. At a time when you will be busy and sleep-deprived, this is an excellent way to ensure you look and feel good about yourself. 

Items to help you to dress for your shape: 

Early pregnancy:

  • Belly belt

  • Maternity bra

  • Drawstring pants

  • Cardigans

  • Stretch t-shirts

  • Empire dresses

  • Soft skimming tops 

Later Stages:

  • Maternity trousers

  • Long tank tops

  • Tank dresses 

Post Natal:

  • Nursing Bras

  • Drawstring trousers

  • Nursing camisoles

  • Cardigans

  • Empire waisted tops

  • Maxi dresses  

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