Colouring your hair during pregnancy

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A common question women ask during pregnancy, is whether it is safe to colour their hair? At a time when they may not feel their best, a visit to the hairdresser or colouring it at home, can seem like a great little pick-me-up.

So what are the recommendations for women?

These days, hair dye is safe during pregnancy, for although it sinks into the scalp, it’s low in ammonia and chemicals. However, if you are particularly concerned about the impact on your baby we can suggest two options:
  1. Highlights are an excellent alternative as they don’t soak into the scalp.

  2. A ‘water colour hair dye.’ It contains no ammonia and no peroxide. Water colour hair dye is not stocked in all salons, so women should check before booking their appointment. They are the equivalent of a heavy stain or permanent dye, and are certainly a safe option for women who are worried about hair dye having any impact on their baby.

Rather go to your local salon to get your hair done, particularly during pregnancy. The reasons for this are simple. The technology in home hair dye kits is much older than in salons. Sometimes they are up to 10 years behind. Salons have far more up to date colour systems, which are far better for your hair and the environment.

At a time when hormones are running riot, it is also important not to make rash decisions about hair cuts and colours. Your facial structure will change during the coming weeks and months, and it is often better to stick with your current style. Seek a professional opinion before attempting any dramatic changes during pregnancy. Hairdressers can use their training, knowledge, experience and expertise to help you make the best and safest choice for you and your baby during a special time.

When colouring your hair, it is important to be aware that there is very little difference between a permanent and semi-permanent hair colour. Very few semi-permanent colours are gone in 8 weeks, so you can be left with a colour you dislike for a long period if you are not aware of this. In addition, semi-permanents tend to darken your hair. They will not lift or lighten your colour. Henna is an alternative but it has metallic salts in it, which make it difficult to remove if you aren’t happy with the colour. Not to mention how messy it is to put on!

Ensuring you feel good inside and out is an important aspect of a happy pregnancy, and a hair cut and colour is often an excellent break from a busy time. With a little thought you can make an appointment, or do it at home knowing it is completely safe for you and baby.

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