Preparing for baby Preparing for baby

Preparing for change time

So, it’s almost time to welcome baby! During the newborn stage, there will be a lot of nappy changes…and we mean a lot!  But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a changing time checklist that will make sure you’re prepared for the number of nappy changes you’ll be doing in the newborn stage.  Let’s make every change as comfortable and conducive for bonding as possible, because every moment spent with your little one should be memorable.  

[ ]  Changing table.

First thing’s first, you need a comfortable and safe space to change baby like a changing table or compactum.  Try find on that has space to keep all the goodies you want very close by, because you don’t want to take your eyes off baby for a second to grab something that’s out of reach. 

[ ]  Changing pad.

Keeping baby clean is essential.  Changing pads are designed to keep mess where it’s meant to be.  Some can be wiped clean, others have removable covers that you can wash, and they make changing time safe and convenient.  

[ ]  Nappies & Wipes.

You may feel like you want to stock up.  But don’t overdo it on one size, because your little one is going to arriving growing!  A newborn may go through around 70 nappies a week.  You won’t be sure of baby’s exact size and fit before they arrive so consider buying smaller packs of different sizes, just to be sure. Huggies® Extra Care, is available in sizes 0 – 5, so we’ve got you covered from day 1. Pair that with our Huggies® Pure Wipes, and you’ve got our ultimate skincare routine.  Together, they keep baby’s skin healthy, happy, and protected.  

[ ]  Nappy rash cream.

We’re here to keep baby’s skin as protected as can be, but it’s not uncommon for babies to get nappy rash from time to time.  A newborn’s skin is super sensitive and even with all the cleaning and wiping you do, sometimes that delicate skin just gets irritated.  So be prepared with a healthcare provider’s recommended ointment.  There are various ones you will find in most baby stores or supermarkets.

[ ]  Nappy Bin.

This one may be optional – but this item helps in that you can dispose of baby’s nappy immediately without having to leave baby alone.  And of course, they help keep those not-so-cute smells where they should be…in the bin!

[ ]  Something fun.

It’s wise to keep your baby entertained while you do your business changing their nappies. Keep all baby essentials within your reach, keep a favourite plush toy or a soft rattle in your nappy changing bag or at the change station.  A cute mobile above the changing station could also do the trick.  
[ ]  A light or lamp.

Baby is going to be busy day and night, so be ready to change your baby’s nappy at night by having a light near your baby’s nappy changing station.  Not too bright though, we don’t want to wake a sleeping baby.

[ ]  Hand sanitizer.

Finally, keep a bottle of sanitizer close by.  You would still need to wash your hands, but while you have your hands full a hand sanitizer can be more practical for you to keep your hands clean before touching your little one’s sensitive skin.  



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