Baby cot in a nursery Baby cot in a nursery

Baby Nursery Decor

Although the nursery is essentially baby’s room, decorating it the way you like can be heaps of fun and you’ll be surprised how good this will make you feel. Create a space that is not only safe and suitable for your child but also comfy and pleasant for the grown-ups like you and your partner.

Where to begin

Before you rush out and start wading through the range of options available (and there are heaps), begin by spending some time in the room you plan to transform into the baby’s nursery.

Think of how you would like the general layout of the nursery to be, in particular where the larger pieces of furniture will go – and work your way around the nursery.

If you prefer neutral coloured furnishings, you can introduce accent pieces into the room through eye-catching accessories. Think a brightly coloured set of baby bedding or even a unique feature wall. Other items that can be used to create points of interest around the room include paintings, posters or stickers, mobiles, toys or floor rugs. These can be themed to complement the rest of the nursery décor. 

The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating the nursery, so having a set theme in mind will help you tie in the various nursery items and bring the room together to achieve a complete look.

Create the right ambience

The use of bright colours can bring energy and excitement into the room. Think carefully about where you would like to draw attention amongst the nursery décor and what colour scheme works for the atmosphere you are trying to create.

In general, any colour scheme can work if they are executed well. Dark tones should be used sparingly as typically darker shades can make the existing space appear smaller if used in vast quantities.

Incorporate various lighting options into the nursery and adjust the level of lighting according to you and your baby’s needs as the day progresses. Whether you’re blending in soft light to create a soothing setting for night feeds or  night time nappy changes (where you want to keep your baby in a sleepy state), or ensuring that there is adequate room lighting for you to get around the nursery without waking the baby.

Minimise on clutter

Besides creating a safe environment by eliminating obstacles such as loose cables and bags around the room; minimising clutter can do wonders in highlighting the key pieces of the nursery and drawing focus on the rest of the décor.


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