Parents-to-be sitting on a baby nursery floor Parents-to-be sitting on a baby nursery floor

Baby nursery ideas

Try mixing and matching ideas to create the perfect baby nursery to suit you and your little one. 

Hanging mobiles

Besides hanging a mobile above the cot, you can also have another mobile above the changing table to keep your baby occupied during change time while adding to the overall room theme.

Baby bedding

You will be doing a lot of laundry after the baby arrives – so to make life that bit easier, choose baby bedding with fabrics and patterns that not only complement the nursery theme but are also easy to clean. 


 Although the cot and the changing table are the key pieces of nursery furniture, having plenty of storage space is often essential for keeping the nursery organised and to have necessities within easy reach. Aside from the practical benefits, shelves are great for displaying toys and keepsakes and add a nice finishing touch to the room.

If you have enough space, include a matching armchair to keep you comfortable and relaxed when you are caring for your baby. For extra support and comfort, try adding a footstool. 


Choose your lighting carefully so that it will help your baby sleep and rest well. And consider using different lighting options dependent on the time of day and task at hand.

  • It is essential to have a main overhead source of light that works to brighten up the entire room.

  • To keep baby in a sleepy state while making it easier for you to care for him or her during the early hours of the morning, have specific area lights like lamps for late night feeds and nappy changes.

  • If you are checking on your baby at night and are worried about waking them, use night lights to create softer lighting or install a dimmer switch for the ceiling light. 

Baby nursery wall

To set the scene, try making the decor of the nursery fit nicely together with the wall as a backdrop.

Think about a variety of items for the walls that tie in with the theme. These can include wall calendars, wall stickers, kid’s growth charts, wall mounted clocks, memory boards or boxes, framed photos, decorative wall pegs or hooks and mirrors. 

Curtains and blinds

Choose a curtain or blind with thicker shades to block out strong sunlight or incorporate some black-out shades to help your baby sleep during sunny mornings and warm afternoons. 


The floor may be the last area you think about when decorating the nursery but adding a floor rug can add colour and brighten up the room, providing a cosy setting for play as well as extra warmth during the winter months. 

Choose a soft, durable rug that matches your theme or even consider placing a thicker rug under the change table in the unlikely event that your baby takes a tumble. 

Try and keep the floor clear of obstacles in high traffic areas of the nursery. The last thing you want to do is trip while you are carrying your baby.


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