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What Works for Other Moms and Dads?

“Put the potty facing the toilet and encourage them to go when you do. If something happens, have a massive happy celebration and tell everyone!”

“My toddler loves to show off his Cars undies (aka Pull-Ups). It gives him confidence in himself and he tells everyone ‘me big boy now’.”

“Little Miss Independence loves to pull her pull-up pants up and down when she’s practicing to go to the BIG toilet like mommy and daddy. It makes her feel like a big girl wearing “princess pants” instead of nappies.”

“Let your child flush the toilet after weeing (even from the potty). My daughter thinks it’s the best thing; it’s her special job.”

 “Pull-Ups training pants makes her think she is wearing undies, as she has to stand up to put them on, so she thinks she is a big girl.”

“Stay positive and let your child set the pace, it’s quicker in the long run. Don’t worry about what other kids are doing.”

“Don’t stress and go with the flow! It will happen when your child is ready!”

“It must be done calmly, with fun and smiles, so they see it as a totally positive experience – ‘accidents’ must be no big deal.”

“Kids love to copy, so let them watch you using the toilet or – even better – let them watch other kids their age.”

“Dress your child in pants that are quick and easy to pull up and down – e.g. pants with elastic waists – NO overalls, belt buckles etc!”

“Don’t lose heart! All moms and tots get through it in the end. A bit of yummy bribery never goes astray either!”

“Be patient, it will happen naturally – and enjoy all the stages; they won’t be young forever!”

“Be patient. A good story on the potty or toilet can also help.”

“Set up a toy potty next to the real potty for a dolly to use while your child goes for extra encouragement.”

“Buy special stickers and an ABC chart. Every time they use the toilet let them put a sticker on the chart…it works well.”

“Relax and take it one accident at a time.”

“To keep my daughter occupied while sitting on the potty I let her blow bubbles and she sits there until she has gone.”

“I just gave my 2-year-old daughter the challenge to keep the flowers / pumpkins visible on her Pull-Ups pants and of course she didn’t want to wet Cinderella!”

“RELAX! This is an exciting (though possibly a little gross) time in your and baby’s world, it is a fun landmark not a battle.”

“Lightning McQueen loves to race to the toilet…it motivates my son to go to check if his trophies are still there.”

“She calls her Pull-Ups her “SPECIAL BIG GIRLS PANTS”, and she points to the princess and then she points to herself saying “MOMMY’S PRINCESS”.”

“Just remember that for that 5-minute-period when they go potty, making poop seems like the most fantastic thing on earth!”

“Let your child take his/her favourite toy or dolly and sit them on a pretend potty (e.g. ice cream container) while they are on theirs.”

“I use my kitchen timer to help me remember to ‘try’ my toddler for a wee on the potty regularly, as he is still learning.”

“Best to have a flexible outlook, lots of patience and most of all heaps of humour!”

“I bought a book ‘Potty time with Elmo’ and read it to my son every day, and he loves it."

“My first, last and all the tips in between are the same. Lots and lots of patience. One day it will just happen.”


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