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Oh, the games we will play.

At 9 months, your baby is developing at an incredible rate. You can help this development by playing a few easy, but fun games with her. This will trigger engagement and encourage development. Here are 10 games you can use to aid baby’s development.


A classic. At 9 months, babies are starting to understand that, just because something can’t be seen, doesn’t mean it has disappeared. Playing peek-a-boo will help them develop this understanding of, what is called, permanence.


Baby will be observing and responding to the world a lot more. Bring your face close to hers and make faces. Poke your tongue out, scrunch up your nose, and see her try to imitate. It’s really cute. Just remember that babies can focus best on objects about 20cm to 35cm from their face, so get in close.

Sign Language

At 9 months, you are probably starting to understand a little more about what your baby is trying to communicate. This game helps baby develop even better early communication skills. Simply, use hand movements along with associated words to teach baby to communicate with gestures.

Animal noises

Baby is starting to associate certain sounds with objects. Use animal sounds when playing or reading to her. Point out a picture of an animal then make the sound that animals make: “A cow goes moo,” “a duck goes quack”.

Catch me if you can

Attach a small soft toy to a brightly coloured ribbon – a squeaky toy is even more fun. Dangle it in front of your baby and make it sway. When she reaches out and tries to touch or grab it, give her lots of praise. This will help her practise her hand-eye coordination.

Name Game

Help baby develop her communication skills by pointing to the different parts of yourself and naming them.

Splish Splash

Water is always a lot of fun. Take a small tub baby can reach into and fill it with water. Put floating objects like plastic cups and spoons in and let your baby splash and push them underwater. This helps develop motor and sensory skills. Just always remember to be around when baby is near water.

Puppet show

Make some simple finger puppets with ears, eyes and a mouth then show your baby how you can make them sing, dance, tickle and kiss. She’ll love the engagement and it will spark her imagination.

In and out

By now you would have noticed that your baby loves emptying everything including drawers, cupboards and bags. Turn this into a game. Fill a large, light container with safe, interesting objects, such as blocks, small soft toys, rattles and measuring cups. Help your baby turn it upside down, then fill the container up again together. This will help her learn about size, shape and weight.

Adventure playground

Baby is probably on the move by now, build a miniature obstacle course out of cushions. Stay at ground level and peep out at her from behind them, and encourage her to climb over them. This is great for her body strength, balance and coordination.


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