Huggies® New Baby Nappies

Hi Mom,

We know that you want to do the absolute best for your newborn baby.

Huggies® is dedicated to helping babies thrive with a range of quality products that parents can trust throughout their baby’s nappy journey.

Huggies® Preemie

When love comes early

Our Huggies Little Snugglers Nappies for Premature babies ensure that your baby is surrounded in protection from the very first moment. These nappies are designed especially for babies weighing less than 1.5kg and can be used upto 3kg, offering your little one’s delicate and fragile skin our most gentle protection

Huggies Extra Care New Baby

Mom’s 1st choice for gentle protection

The Huggies® Extra Care range offers parents a size 0 disposable nappy (up to 4kg) with an umbilical cord cut-out to allow for easier cleaning of this delicate area. With a unique runny poo pocket at the back of the nappy for messy moments, and soft pillows that absorb runny poo in seconds, Huggies Extra Care helps keep newborn skin clean and protected. It also has fasten-anywhere outer tabs and a stretchy waistband to help provide the perfect fit for baby. Lastly the wetness indicator lets mom know when it’s time to change your precious newborn baby. Huggies Extra Care is also available in S1 and S2.

Size P
> 1.5 to 3kg
Size 0
up to 4kg
Size 1
up to 6kg
Size 2
5 - 7kg
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