for moving babies

Huggies® Gold

South Africa’s best diaper for Boys and Girls*

Have you wondered how much, and how far, your baby can actually move? According to a New York University study**, a moving baby takes an average of 2368 steps per day. That’s the length of 7.7 American football fields and a staggering average of 3km per day!

As your baby continues to grow and develop, their level of activity increase. Because of their increased movement, it’s important to make sure they are feeling as comfortable as possible so that they can move around and explore their world.

Huggies® Gold is specifically made for your moving baby. Our stretchy waistband and fasteners gently wraps around your baby's waist and provides them with a snug and comfy fit - allowing them to freely explore the world and comfortably move as much as they want.

Our Huggies ® Gold nappy also has tailored absorption zones, higher up for Boys, and more centrally placed for Girls. The DryTouch liner absorbs wetness in seconds to help ensure that your baby stays comfortably dry.

Huggies® Gold wraps your moving baby in a hug, as snug and comfy as your own. Send them off with a hug, send them off in Hugwear for moving babies.

* Huggies® Gold, the only gender specific diaper in South Africa

** New York University, Research Article, How do you learn to walk?

Thousand of steps and dozens to falls per day?

Stretchy waistband
and fasteners for
a comfortable fit
Ultra-soft DryTouch™
liner that absorbs
wetness in seconds
Tailored absorption
zones for Boys and
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