The Holistic Mama: Staying Healthy During Pregnancy

Join this jam-packed conversation focusing on maintaining a healthy pregnancy led by our host, Linda Mtoba. What’s normal? What changes can you expect physically and emotionally during your pregnancy? So much information but when it comes directly from the experts, we all feel a little bit better. Gynaecologist & Obstetrician, Dr Casandra Pillay, and Psychologist and Chairperson of the Gauteng Association of Infant Mental Health, Nicole Canin, impart information about a holistically healthy pregnancy. Fitness expert and mom-to-be, Potso Mpandawana, also weighs in on what exercise is recommended for preggy moms and what exercises to avoid.

The Final Stretch: The Last Trimester

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Dr Casandra Pillay and Registered Nurse and Midwife, Sister Phindi Mashinini talk about the final stretch, yes that’s right, the last trimester during pregnancy. From the physical and mental changes during the third trimester to Braxton Hicks and real labour signs as well as the different birthing options and birth plans, host Linda Mtoba and the experts discuss all that you need to know before heading into your third trimester.

The Golden Hour | Skin-to-Skin

The world of science stands in awe of the magical golden hour after birth. These 60 minutes are so much more than mom holding her baby, it is the magical period when mom and baby create their bond. Midwife and lactation consultant, Lilo Mthembu and “doula with a sense of humour,” Romy Titus explains how crucial skin-to-skin is for mom and dad. Childbirth educator Lynne Bluff unpacks the 9 instinctive stages of skin-to-skin and the importance of these for your baby’s transition from the womb to the world.

Feeling the pinch: Vaccinations

People argue about them, protest either for or against them, build polarizing political campaigns around them and create conspiracies that closely resemble Hollywood thrillers with them at the centre. In this episode, host Linda Mtoba talks about vaccinations and the many questions surrounding these small vials of medicine with Paediatrician Dr Enrico Maraschin, and Nursing Sister Nicole Tshimanga. They share their knowledge on the topic to ensure that parents have the information they need, to make informed decisions because all of us only want to do what is best for our children.

The fourth trimester: The first 100 days of life

The 4th trimester - also known as the first 100 days after birth - is both magical and manic at the same time. While your baby is growing, you and your partner are growing into parenthood too. Paediatrician Dr Hassina Ebrahim and midwife, Samantha Crompton discuss how to cope with the first 100 days after your baby is born. From newborn cries to how to soothe your baby, mom's physical and emotional changes, join host Linda Mtoba as she finds out exactly what to expect in the fourth trimester.

Sweet Dreams: Sleep

With a “dream” show planned Sleep Consultant, Sarah Bibi-Patel and Psychologist and Qualified Foundation Phase teacher, Inge Gouws, bring us some sound understanding to help you and your newborn sleep better. Join host Linda Mtoba and mom Bongiwe Mbatha with the experts as they put to bed all your newborn sleep concerns, establish the basics of newborn sleep patterns and learn how to help your little one’s sleep more soundly.