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Planning a practical laundry room

The key to a practical laundry room is to make it work best for you. It is typically a small space which means clothes can pile up very quickly if it isn’t well organised. By focusing on using some of these space-saving features you will find it a better workspace. 

1. Install shelves

If your laundry doesn’t have shelves already, it is important to install some. As well as helping to create space, it is important to make sure that potentially dangerous objects are stored up high and well out of reach of babies and small children.

If you don’t have shelves installed already, floating shelves tend to be a cost- and space-saving investment. It’s a sensible idea to focus on grouping like-minded objects together, such a laundry powder, stain remover and detergents. That way you’ll be able to access them easily and safely. It will make using your laundry room a much easier exercise.

2. Have lots of baskets

You may only have space in your laundry room for one laundry basket, but you can always layer them on top of each other. Label them for different purposes and use them accordingly.

Or use different-coloured ones, e.g. one laundry basket could be specifically for clothes that need to be washed, the next for ironing and the other for folded clothes. Consider what labels will be the most practical ones for the needs of you and your family and use them accordingly.

3. Use hooks and rails

A hook is a great way to get big items like the ironing board up off the floor of your laundry room. You can always put the hook up behind the door to make it safer to store especially if your little one is on the move.

You can also use hooks to hang up objects such as hand-washing tools like brushes or towels. Put these up near the sink, so they are easily within reach. Alternatively, you may prefer a hand-rail above the sink to store these items instead. 

4. Stock up

The reality with small children is that you are going to have lots of laundry to contend with. It’s always a good idea to have plenty of laundry powder and stain remover. There are few things more frustrating than running out at a time when your little one’s wardrobe is running low on clothes. Stock up at sale time on your preferred brands and store them safely out of harm’s way.

Another key item that is worth stocking up on is pegs. These can be very helpful for the bigger things like bed-sheets. Invest in some good quality ones and make sure you have a bucket or container that is specifically allocated for their use alone. It’s always sensible to keep pegs out of reach of small children as they can give their skin a nasty pinch.


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