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Bathing your Toddler

Bathing your toddler can become an experience in itself. Your toddler can now sit up unaided in the bath and play independently. You may have a hard time getting them into the bath, and an even harder time getting them out again.

Bath time can be a wonderful time of the day for everyone involved, especially for toddlers who enjoy water play. They may not even notice they are being given a wash at the same time! 

Here are a few toddler bathing tips:

  • Give a few minutes warning before bath time so that your toddler will be ready to move from their current activity and to avoid any protests.

  • Even though your toddler is used to sitting up, they should not be left unattended while in the bath.

  • It’s also a good idea to implement the “no standing in the bath” rule from a very early age.

  • Allow some independence and encourage them to start washing themselves.

  • Bath toys are great fun for a toddler. Try to rotate them to keep bath time interesting.

  • A pair of goggles in the bath can be their first introduction to swimming with their face in the water. 


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