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Baby Shower

You can start using the shower at any time with your baby. It is really trial and error as to whether they will like it or not. Here are a few tips to make your baby showering experience more fun and a little easier.

Shower tips:

  • Have a dry cloth nearby to wipe the eyes if water gets into them.

  • Wearing a t-shirt while holding your baby stops them from becoming too slippery.

  • Remember that the floor of the shower will become a little slippery as you use soaps or shower gel, so be careful.

  • Encourage singing in the shower, it really does sound different to your little one.

  • Using a facecloth is more effective than a bar of soap as it is not quite so slippery and it is easier to use with one hand.

  • Massaging your baby with baby lotion after a shower can be an effective way to help soothe and relax your little one and get them ready for bed time.


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